The Power of the Seed

The humble and mighty sunflower seed

“In the seed we get an image of the Universe.” – Rudolf Steiner, Agriculture Course

In this talk, Dr. Rod Birney invites us to consider the quantum nature of the seed–the seed as embryo, the seed as embodiment of all potential–and to consider, too, how the genetic modification of a seed might affect the quantum interrelatedness of all life.

This talk was given to students in the Eco-somatics Internship at the Self & Soul Center in Talent, Oregon, where Dr. Birney maintains a practice in depth psychotherapy. To learn more about Dr. Rod Birney and the Self & Soul Center, please visit

“I want this story not to be about seeds, I want it to be a seed, a kind of story that has its own unique running, a story that does like seeds do, starting always in the middle of their own wave pattern of infinite rise and fall, seeds who, like the grandest stories, refuse to stop moving toward life and always hope to come home instead of being genetically and spiritually modified to frenetically race away from life.” – Martin Prechtel, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic, 13

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