A New Story

I peered into amber eyes and heard a sequence of carefully chosen words fall from a woman’s mouth:

“We might say that something of global significance is happening here with respect to the consciousness of people.”

I was talking to Karen Litfin, a gentle woman with graying hair, and a professor of political science at the University of Washington. For the past few years, with visits to India, Sri Lanka, Italy, and Scotland, Karen has become something of an expert on the Ecovillage. As a political scientist, she has analyzed ecovillages worldwide, from rural villages in Africa to technologically powered urban communities in Los Angeles and Berlin. She’s written a book about her experiences in ecovillages around the world, Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community, and is especially curious about the intersection of ecology, economics, consciousness, and culture–the combination she calls E2C2–that she’s seen modeled in ecovillages worldwide.

The ecovillage models a new story, a story of global significance. In this story, the web of life is sacred, and life is lived, more or less, in cooperation. Click below to listen to the ecovillage story, a combination of her experience and my own. For more about Litfin’s work with ecovillages, visit her website at http://ecovillagebook.org/

Music for this broadcast is performed by Ayla Nereo (“Sacred Mountain” from BeHeld), Stephen Eberle (“C Minor Tuning Idea” from Sojourner), and Scott Huckabay.

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