Builders of the Dawn draws upon the work of many inspiring people. Here’s a partial list of resources about communities, biological farming, health & healing, and deep ecology:


The Federation of Intentional Communities:

Ecovillages, Karen Litfin

Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, Alan Weisman

Builders of the Dawn, Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson

Spiritual & Visionary Communities, ed. Timothy Miller

Always Coming Home, Ursula K. LeGuin – fiction-

Long Life, Honey in the Heart, Martin Prechtel -memior-

The Fifth Sacred Thing, Starhawk -fiction-

The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You, Dorothy Bryant -fiction-

Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg

The ZEGG Process:


Journey of the Universe – film –

The Hero’s Journey,  Joseph Campbell

The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell

The Web of Life, Fritjof Capra

Organic Farming


The Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry

The Soul of the Soil, Joseph Smillie & Grace Gershuny

Building Soils for Better Crops, Fred Magdoff & harold van Es – available for free download at:

Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, William Bryant Logan

Permaculture – an online community of permaculture teachers, students, and enthusiasts

Gaia’s Garden, Toby Heminway

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, Rosemary Morrow

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture, Sepp Holzer

Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, Bill Mollison

Numerous Centers for Permaculture Design, including The Occidental Center for Arts & Ecology:


The Biodynamic Association: – The association offers a free online introduction of biodynamics

The Agriculture Course, Rudolf Steiner

Culture & Horticulture, Wolf Storl

Sacred Agriculture, Dennis Klocek

Weeds and What they Tell Us, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer

Wisdom of the Bees, Erik Berrevoets

The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner – film

Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, California

Natural Farming

The One-Straw Revolution, Masanobu Fukuoka

Sowing Seeds in the Desert, Masanobu Fukuoka

Larry Korn’s website:

Seed  Saving

Seed to Seed, Suzanne Ashworth

The Organic Seed Grower, John Navazio

The Seed Underground, Janisse Ray

The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaqic, Martin Prechtel – memoir –

The Seed Broadcast:

Native Seeds/SEARCH:

The Medicinal Herb Grower’s Guide, Richo Cech

Various regional seed companies, such as Siskiyou Seeds or Horizon Herbs

Health & Healing

The Secret Teachings of Plants, Stephen Harrod Buhner

Making Plant Medicine, Richo Cech

The Medicinal Herb Grower’s Guide, Richo Cech

Medicinal Mushrooms, Christopher Hobbs, L. Ac.

Between Heaven & Earth, Beinfield & Korngold

Coyote Medicine, Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Secrets of the Talking Jaguar, Martin Prechtel

Farmacology, Dr. Daphne Miller

Any one of numerous field guides to the native plant medicines of your bioregion – Michael Moore’s Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West and Medicinal Plants of the Pacfic West are excellent examples, as is All that the Rain Promises and More… A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms, by David Arora.

Deep Ecology

180º South – film

A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold

Thinking like a Mountain, John Seed et al.

Joanna Macy’s Work the Reconnects:

World as Lover, World as Self, Joanna Macy

The Web of Life, Fritjof Capra

Refuge, Terry Tempest Williams

Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer

Walden, Henry David Thoreau

Poetry & Prose

A Place in Space, Gary Snyder – collection of essays over the span of several decades

The Practice of the Wild, Gary Snyder

The Sweet Breathing of Plants, ed. Linda Hogan

River Notes, and Desert Notes, Barry Holstun Lopez

When Women Were Birds, Terry Tempest Williams


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